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A fresh approach on Inventory Services

publication date: Dec 12, 2007
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With over 10 years experience in the industry, LetCheck Inventories was established to work with Letting Agents providing professional, independent inventory services to landlords and tenants. With a long list of reputable clients throughout London and Surrey, LetCheck Inventories plan to expand their offering to new areas of the country. The team consists of AIIC registered clerks, experienced support staff and typists providing committed resource for a growing customer base.

Why LetCheck Inventories are different

With a unique approach to supporting Letting Agents, they offer a complete range of services tailored specifically to the needs of Letting Agents. This translates into a high quality service delivered on a repeatable basis. Recently adopted bespoke software systems offer complete visibility to the whole team. Thus enabling the tracking of a job from the appointment time all the way through to arrival of the report at a client’s office.

In addition, Letting Agents can clearly see what they receive and exactly how the service is delivered each time. The repeatability of their offering establishes LetCheck Inventories as a realistic strategic partner for agents with national coverage. Consistent service across every office nationwide is not a dream. Working with Property Management Departments the team can shape report formats the way their clients want them. This minimises the need for property management to decipher and translate different reports from one supplier to the next. Put simply you receive exactly what you want, in the exact format you need.

Recognising your needs

In an increasingly regulatory market a relationship with LetCheck Inventories offers the reassurance of dealing with an established provider. They see it as their responsibility to furnish Letting Agents with all the answers when it comes to Inventories. By providing training seminars to client’s front line staff, they ensure agents have the knowledge and confidence to effectively communicate legislative changes to both landlords and tenants. Furthermore they produce leaflets that agents can distribute to prospective landlords informing them of the inventory market and factors affecting them.

LetCheck Inventories also deliver sales support packs and regular service reviews to agents providing them with detailed reports on turnaround statistics.

Our commitment

Industry standards, though improving, can be erratic. With a proven approach LetCheck Inventories are raising the levels of professionalism. A member of ARLA, Director Adrian Kelly says:

“We are here for the long haul. We have refined our services over the last 10 years and invested in our systems to enable us to service a larger nationwide customer base. We are committed to providing a tailored and comprehensive inventory service to our clients. To continually improve the service provided to our customers and your customers. We will save you money by saving you time. We help reduce the stresses staff experience allowing them to focus on their role; letting properties, maximising profits and maintaining good client relations.”

Your Next Move:

 “The world is full of companies who claim to be different. We encourage you to put our claims to the test. Call us to arrange a FREE no obligation service demonstration or alternatively come and visit us at the ARLA exhibition (stand 21) so we can tangibly demonstrate why we are!”