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New spin on house design

publication date: Jan 1, 2010
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Rotating House in AustraliaPROPERTYdrum has just heard about a house in Australia that can rotate a full 360 degrees to catch the sun, or shade, as the mood takes its owners.

Luke and Deb Everigham’s house was in a pleasant spot north of Sydney, but, said Luke: “the 87-year-old white ant-ravaged farm house was beyond renovation.” Their neighbours had built a new house but said they wished they’d built it 15 degrees farther north to catch the sun.

The dream was born and the reality spun into life; the octagonal house is on an electrically powered turntable which can turn the building as little or as much as required – going right round in half an hour! It cost them about £350,000 to build. Mind you, that porch must block out a lot of light...