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TDS Announces new CEO

publication date: Aug 23, 2010
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Steve HarriottSteve Harriott has been appointed Chief Executive Officer of The Dispute Service, which runs the Tenancy Deposit Scheme (TDS).

The TDS says that Steve has significant experience as a management consultant and as a housing association chief executive at Origin Group in North London and at AmicusHorizon, a 28,000 unit housing group based in the South East.

He said, “I am delighted to be appointed as Chief Executive of TDS and am looking forward to creating a customer focused and efficient organisation in partnership with our key stakeholders in lettings”.

This will not be an easy task; following the debacle with fee increases and the management of related complaints by members of the scheme. Several significant members left the TDS, taking their business to the MyDeposits or the DPS, others question the financial security of the organisation.

Professor Martin Partington, who took over as Chairman in May, has made great efforts to apologise to members for the problems and taken action to rectify the ‘short term financial position’ of the scheme. In a letter to members Prof. Partington said that, “We are committed to improving transparency”.

There is more work to do to balance the number of disputes received and the costs of reviewing those disputes, alongside the even more crucial task of ensuring that the TDS will manage to renew its franchise next year.

Prof. Partington says, “We are in constant dialogue with the CLG. They have been made fully aware of our difficulties and have understood the plans which have been implemented to address them. CLG has not given us any indication that TDS will not be invited to tender for the contract renewal in 2012. We have been told that they do not expect the form of that tender process to be decided until this Autumn, so we are unaware whether the renewal will be open to new applicants or with the existing providers”.

Steve Harriott sounds like an able man for the job and we wish him every success in his new role.