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Rightmove website goes mobile

publication date: Sep 30, 2010
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rightmove goes mobileRightmove has launched a new mobile internet website for the growing smartphone mobile internet market.

The mobile site is tailored for smartphone handsets and features all UK homes for sale and rent that are on the main site. The site has GPS functionality allowing users to pin-point their location and map out available properties around them. Saved properties can also be synchronised with an existing Rightmove account.

Miles Shipside, Commercial Director, comments, “The mobile sector is growing into a key component of Rightmove’s offering. We have observed patterns of traffic during the summer months whereby on hot days our website traffic dips but iPhone traffic jumps, as people are home-hunting outdoors rather than inside at their computer. Home-hunters want access to Rightmove wherever they are, and now with the new mobile site more people can search our properties on the move than ever before.”

The Rightmove mobile site comes a year after the launch of its award-winning iPhone app which has reached around 800,000 downloads. The new mobile site will enable Rightmove to capitalise on the growing non-iPhone segment of the smartphone market. Smartphones account for just under 75 per cent of all new handsets in the UK, and include the popular Android phone. Shipside adds, “The move to a full mobile website is the logical next step following the success of our iPhone and iPad applications, and allows us to extend the reach of our agents’ properties even further.”