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Planning for the unexpected

publication date: Jan 22, 2011
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The snow has highlighted the need for all businesses to have contingency plans in place for enabling customers to keep in touch; losing the capability to communicate with clients is a major concern. Yet surprisingly few companies have detailed plans to deal with either short or long term disruptions, despite the availability of many suitable and cost effective solutions.

Dave Millett, Director of Equinox Business Consulting, says, “Many estate agents have invested in data back-ups and contingency for IT, but don’t have plans for interruptions to their voice services or bad winter weather. “About 80 per cent of all commercial transactions are made over the phone and a study by Henley Management College showed that 60 per cent of companies that experienced a loss of telecoms for a period of 10 days ceased trading within a year.”

Simple inbound call routing offers a cost effective solution with the ability to divert numbers to individual workers whilst the emergence of Hosted VOIP solutions now offers a real alternative. This has enabled some companies to beat the weather by simply taking their office phones home and plugging them into their broadband and thus continuing to operate as if they were still in the office.