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Barbon’s new homeless initiative

publication date: Sep 1, 2011
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Martin Oliver, BarbonProperty insurance broker Barbon Insurance Group has developed a new Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy that will support a number of homeless charities around the country with the equivalent of one per cent of its profits over the next three years. CEO Martin Oliver explains, “As our company continues to grow, we felt that it was important to invest in a strategic CSR policy for a number of reasons. Our individual divisions currently work with a number of charities, and it was felt that we could have a greater impact by combining our efforts for one main underlying cause.”

With the assistance of the strategic charity partnership agency The Giving Department, a great deal of research took place prior to choosing homelessness as the core theme underlying Barbon’s approach to charitable investment. As the majority of Barbon’s brands work with property, letting and social housing, the homelessness cause represented a good business fit, while providing a compelling cause for staff to engage with.

Martin continues, “Our aim is to raise or donate the equivalent of one per cent of our profits within three years towards our chosen homelessness charities – that’s £140,000 as it currently stands. We will do this by sponsorship, fundraising and by our staff giving their time.”