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Counting the cost for a claim

publication date: Jan 19, 2012
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A new software tool aims to help landlords record and value contents and assets in furnished properties.

Figures reveal that millions are running the risk of not being able to make an accurate home contents insurance claim in the event of burglary, fire, accidental damage or flood.

Readyclaim, a web hosted asset management system, can help landlords manage fixed and mobile assets including furniture, carpets and other items in let properties.

Property owners are also facing the prospect of paying higher premiums for home insurance cover that may not pay out when, as often stated in policy documentation small print, proof of contents and values cannot be provided.

The online tool, which can be accessed by PC or app, allows owners to take digital images of their assets in each room, plus any relevant documents including invoices, valuations or receipts, and attach them to the asset icon which can then be uploaded to readyclaim’s secure server.

The system ensures that owners insure the true value of their assets in a bid to combat claims disputes.
Tim Roots, founder of readyclaim said: “Not being able to prove the value of contents or being under insured can be a real issue for landlords with multiple properties, as insurers may not pay out the full cost to replace lost or damaged items.

“With the readyclaim system, landlords are given total peace of mind, knowing that they have an accurate and real-time account of their assets stored on our secure server, thus removing the chance of long, expensive and drawn out insurance disputes.”