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Winkworth Franchising – a career and a business with a future

publication date: Jul 28, 2010
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Owning a Winkworth business

A brand success

Winkworth was established in 1835, and over 140 years later in 1981, it became the UK's first franchised estate agency under the leadership of Simon Agace, who remains Chairman of the company to this day. Since then the company has built a reputation as a responsible and trusted brand, one synonymous with excellent service, a depth of resource and an innovative approach to business.

There are over 80 offices in the Winkworth network. Our proprietors benefit from full-control over their business, within a network providing a scale of support and resources normally only associated with large corporations. Take a look at the considerable benefits available to Winkworth business owners:

You can contact Winkworth Franchising by calling James Trimble on 020 8576 5580 or email

Unrivalled support

Through centralised marketing and PR, specialist training, a renowned website, and subsidised, high profile advertising, the benefits of joining Winkworth are clear. However, perhaps the greatest advantage in joining Winkworth is the opportunity to access a pool of high-value clients from across the network. It is easy to see why independent offices that join Winkworth can become market leaders in their local area. With a high resale value, Winkworth franchises also make excellent long-term investments.

Marketing and communications

The Winkworth Marketing and Communications team strives to promote the brand and individual offices through targeted marketing, PR and communication initiatives, with the ultimate aim of generating more business for each and every office.

PR is a cost-effective form of promotion and offers a means of developing a strong corporate identity with an integrity that can't be matched by advertising alone. That is why Winkworth's dedicated in-house press office is constantly looking to exploit press and media opportunities on behalf of its franchisees to promote its status as a leading estate agent.

The Winkworth marketing team promotes the Winkworth brand through nationwide initiatives and on behalf of individual offices, through specialised marketing solutions. Subsidised advertising and specially negotiated group rates are also a major benefit of being a part of the Winkworth network.

A renowned website

Winkworth pioneered the property website. Ours is a vital asset and it is fundamental to the success of a Winkworth business. receives many thousands of visits per month and has become an invaluable resource for anyone looking to buy or let a property. Every Winkworth office and the properties featured on the site are exposed to a greater audience than those achieved by smaller independent websites.

Uniquely, Winkworth's IT Department manages and maintains the website, ensuring quality control and up-to-the-minute functionality. The website greatly enhances Winkworth's profile and the service offered to clients.

Business support

The Winkworth Business Affairs and Compliance team offers ongoing support to all Winkworth businesses. All proprietors can access the vast wealth of knowledge that is constantly being developed within the department.

Detailed and constantly updated sales and lettings operation manuals are provided to every new franchisee, ensuring that all Winkworth offices benefit from a single successful and proven business formula. Regular updates and guidance on industry and legislative moves means that Winkworth franchisees have one less thing to worry about and can get on with running their business.

The Winkworth Academy

The Winkworth Academy is a unique resource available to all Winkworth offices.

The Academy offers a wide selection of bespoke training courses throughout the year and this provides the opportunity

for personal career development and the ability for individual offices, as well as the group as a whole, to attain the highest professional standards.

The comprehensive training package offered by the Academy is structured to accommodate all levels of experience, from the trainee negotiator to the franchisee. The courses concentrate on the development of business, as well as industry and core skills.

An international platform

With a level of success unparalleled by other UK franchise operations, Winkworth has naturally progressed into the international market. In 2004, Winkworth opened its first four overseas franchises in the Algarve in Portugal. We have since added two more offices to the Portuguese network, and there is opportunity for even more.

In 2006, Winkworth was the first UK estate agency franchise to establish offices in the South of France, which is just the start of a large wave of planned expansion across the country.

Franchisee opportunities exist in various international locations and we are happy to consider joint branding associations with existing independent estate agencies with a view to a full rebrand in the long term.

Opening a new office

Many Winkworth franchisees start their business from scratch, although most will have run successful competitor branches in, or near, their chosen area. Many new offices border the exclusive territories of existing Winkworth offices. This helps to create a regionalised network, from which all the offices can benefit, in terms of coverage, applicant referrals and market presence. This method is suitable for individuals who want to take the next step on the career ladder by owning their own business.

Alternatively, for existing proprietors of an independent agency looking to develop, strengthen and increase their business potential under a recognised brand, we offer a number of initiatives and solutions to ensure a smooth and successful transition. These vary depending on the size and location of the existing business. The new franchising team at Winkworth would be happy to meet you and negotiate a tailored solution.

The next step

Winkworth is committed to growth and success, as you undoubtedly are, and it is looking to open new offices in key locations across the whole of the UK and internationally. As the network grows, so too does the power of each office.

Winkworth franchisees are dedicated to the brand and the company ethos. Every franchisee must have a commitment to the highest standard of service and the most successful take an active role in their local communities. A Winkworth franchisee is a trusted member of the local area in which they operate.

If you feel inspired by the Winkworth business opportunity and you have the experience and acumen necessary to succeed as a Winkworth franchisee, contact us now.

To enquire about UK franchises, contact James Trimble on +44 (0)20 8576 5580, or email

For enquiries about international franchises, contact David King on +44 (0)20 8576 5582 or email